What To Bring

Below is a list of items we highly suggest you bring with you on your lesson or camp experience with Momentum Mountain Biking. Can’t find these items where you live? No worries, you will definitely be able to pick them up once you arrive in town. We do ask you have these items already, when you show up for your activity.


1. Mountain Bike & Helmet
Please make certain your bike is in good mechanical condition. If you aren’t sure, we recommend having it tuned by your favorite mechanic so it is in top form. There are also high-quality demo bikes available for rent in all of our locations.

Note: If renting a bike and you use clipless pedals (meaning you ride clipped in), please bring your pedals and shoes.

Note: At this time we can only accommodate electric mountain bikes in our private offerings.

2. Hydration Pack & Snacks
You will want plenty of water. Please come with a hydration pack or backpack filled & ready to consume. Bringing a water bottle with an electrolyte drink mix can also be nice.

Bring any snacks you may want in your pack for on the trail.

3. Tools for a Flat

Spare Tube. Please bring a spare tube that fits your bike’s tire size. Flats are common in the desert. Don’t worry if you’ve never changed a flat – we’ll teach you if it happens.

Tools. Our instructors carry tools for minor trailside repairs, but we strongly recommend that you own and bring your own trailside repair kit. At a minimum, this kit should include a pump, tire levers, and a multi-tool. These items will come with a rental bike. Let us know if you’d like help with suggestions on what else to include in your kit!

4. Flat Pedals
For off-trail skills and drills, it can be helpful to ride with flat pedals (skate shoes, or similar, work well with flat pedals). Bring your clipless pedals too if you are used to riding in them. Make sure you have two separate pairs of shoes – the ones that go with your clipless pedals & the ones that go with your flat pedals.

5. Appropriate Clothing

Our area is fortunate to receive all kinds of weather! From wet and cold to very hot and very dry. Because of this we ask our cyclists be packed and prepared for any weather.

So yes,  please pack the rain jacket even if it doesn’t look like rain.

6. Riding Gloves, Leg and Arm pads

We ask everyone to arrive with bike gloves.

Armor (Leg & Arm Pads) are optional but can be nice for protection & confidence building. Armor may also be available for rent from some of the bike shops in town. Shoot us an email if you’d like to know what shops to try.

7. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

8. Adjustable Seat Post 

Though not required,  we do recommend them for increased safety and fun.

9. Gratuity

Tipping your coach is greatly appreciated. We kindly ask you be prepared to do so after your activity.

10. Bring Your Stoke

Because we are about to have a heck of a time on the trail! It’s going to be awesome. 🚵