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Moab, Utah • Fruita, Colorado • Park City, Utah

Guided Instructional Tours

We take you on a tour of the best trails, you ask the questions.



Momentum Mountain Biking instructional tours are a fun way to spend a half or full day on your bike, following our knowledgeable coaches on some of the most epic mountain bike trails in the country. The best part? This hybrid approach of instruction and guiding means you will end the session a better rider than when you started. Our trails have spectacular views, but also some amazingly unique obstacles and terrain. Walk less, ride more, and hone your skills with an expert local rider who knows the area like the back of their hand. 

Whether you are an experienced rider, or new to the sport, treat yourself to a custom instructional tour and ensure a more comfortable and confident day on the trail.

Instructional Tours are perfect for…

  • First-time visitors to Moab or Fruita to bike.
  • Intermediate riders who want to ride with an expert.
  • Experienced riders wanting the local beta.
  • Families wanting an educational tour experience.
  • A small group of friends looking for a fun outing together.
  • Anyone wanting real-time feedback on their on-trail skills.
  • A person or group wanting an epic bonding experience. 
  • A customized tour based on your skillsets.


Momentum Mountain Biking is committed to providing you with noticeable gains you will see while riding in Moab or Fruita and trails across the country. Our instructional tours focus on providing the best possible day on the trail, while allowing our experienced coach’s assessment of your skills to enhance the ride. Some of the trails you might experience on the instructional tour:

Moab Area

Slickrock Trail

Whole Enchilada

Dead Horse Point

Magnificent "Mag" 7

Captain Ahab

fruita Area

Zippity Do Da

Kessel Run

Holy Cross


Horsethief Bench

Park City Area

Wasatch Crest

Silver Queen

Bob’s Basin



Your Schedule

We will work around your schedule to provide the tour when it’s best for you.

Your Style

We tailor the instructional tour to your preferences, giving you a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience just the way you want it.

your skill set

Our experienced coaches will customize the tour to your current riding experience and comfort level.

your gains

Our coaches know how to evaluate your riding level and immediately provide noticeable gains for a more enjoyable riding experience. 

Instructional Tour Options

Beginner to Expert Level.
Location Options: Moab, Fruita, Park City
For an individual, private groups (max 6) and suitable for families

Bikes are not included with the tour. Participants are welcome to bring their own bike or rent one locally.

half day lesson image

Half-Day Instructional Tour

The best way to ride one of our amazing trails if you only have a half-day to ride.  Take your riding to the next level and overcome areas where you’re stuck, breaking through the plateau in your riding ability. A half-day instructional tour allows for plenty of riding, scenery, and on-trail tutorials. 

What’s Included

  • One-on-one time on the trails with our elite coach.
  • On trail detection and correction if desired.
  • Guaranteed epic views.
  • Option to add-on participant(s).
    • Additional $140/person
    full day lesson image

    Full-Day Instructional Tour

    Have one of the best mountain biking days of your life. Level up your skills, increase your ability to ride, and have more fun on some of the most famous and epic mountain biking trails in the world.

    What’s Included
    All of the above, PLUS…

    • Option to spend the day on one of the longer rides or multiple trails.
    • Time for sessioning on trail, fine-tuning, and honing your skills.
    • More time for on-ride feedback and tutorials.
    • Advanced obstacle training and progression if desired.
    • Lunch included.
    • Option to add-on participant(s).
      • Additional $210/person
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        All of our coaches have been certified by either Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) or Professional Mountain Bike Instruction Association (PMBIA). Both are regarded as top-of-the-class certifications in the industry.

        Learn From The Best

        Our coaches will make you ride better.

        It's one thing to know how to ride a mountain bike. It's another to know how to teach others how to improve their mountain biking. Thankfully our experienced coaches know how to do both, exceptionally well. Get to know the skilled team at Momentum Mountain Biking.

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