Sylvi Fae

Sylvi is the founder of Momentum Mountain Biking (formerly Moab Moab Mountain Bike Instruction). Her empathetic leadership style is forged by a decade of experience leading Moab Mountain Bike Instruction and nearly as many years as the North American Program Manager of a mountain bike instructional program that spanned the Western United States and Canada.

Sylvi is professionally certified through the BICP and PMBIA  and has been teaching mountain biking since 2009. One of the things she loves most about mountain biking is the seduction of the trail feature that is barely out of reach. It calls her forward to being a better rider and to continue learning and developing her skills.

Her favorite skill to teach is technical climbing. There’s something special about the sustained level of focus required through multiple obstacles on a climb and that feeling of defying physics as you float over obstacles going uphill.

In developing the curriculum for Momentum Mountain Biking, Sylvi loves crafting lesson plans based on the specific goals of her students and seeing the smiles that come when they achieve so much more than they expected to learn. After hundreds of lessons and honing lesson plans for students of varying abilities, she is equally passionate about supporting the development of these skills in each of Momentum’s coaches.