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We offer mountain biking lessons and camps to all skills levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. No matter your starting point, we can help you improve your skills and increase your enjoyment of the sport.

Mountain Bike Instruction

Improve your riding and have more fun on the trail.

Momentum Mountain Biking has been committed to providing professional, effective, and incredible mountain bike lessons to all skill levels for over a decade and is one of the most respected mountain bike instruction companies in the Southwest. Learn from the best on the most scenic and epic mountain biking trails in the country.

private mountain bike lessons

Private Lessons

Private instruction for you (or your party) based on your skill level and riding style.

learn to mountain bike


Two-day weekend mountain bike skills camps for all levels, beginner to advanced.

mountain bike camps

Group Lessons

Limited size public classes tailored to specific skill levels for optimum skills training.

Word On The Trail Is…

Great instructors and easy to work with. I had a lovely experience both with planning and on the trails with this rockin’ group of mountain bike enthusiasts!
We had an top notch experience, all the way from the booking process, through a few changes we needed to make to our plans, and ending with a five star private group lesson with Jeff. Each person we interacted with provided incredible customer service and the skills we learned during the coaching session has given us great techniques to progress our riding. If you are venturing to the Moab or Fruita area I would highly recommended planning time in your trip to take a course with Momentum Mountain Biking, you won’t regret it!
This was such a great experience for me. Tina was super knowledgeable, engaged, and empowering! I had so much fun learning a ton of new tools. My riding greatly improved from this lesson! Thank you so much!
Julie was fantastic! She met where I was in terms of ability, pushed me to challenge myself, and gave me the tools to improve drastically. Thanks for an amazing lesson!
Keely is a terrific teacher. He’s thoughtful, knowledgeable and a good communicator. He showed me through example and by observing and critiquing my riding.
Excellent! Knowledgeable, skilled and was able to both demonstrate, critique and support critical riding techniques in a fun and professional manner. Looking forward to my next lesson with Sylvi and her talented team of instructors . I love this women owned and highly responsive approach to business.
I went in pretty nervous and feeling unsure if I was going to able to be comfortable mountain biking in Moab, or even progress through some of my (many) skill gaps. An absolute great time and really surprised myself.Our instructor Beth was a joy, gave us confidence when we needed it, but didn’t push us outside of our comfort zone.Thank you so much. I’ve never had instruction or guiding before, and we’ll be 100% doing it again.
Hola! What an awesome time. We booked weeks in advance knowing the weather would be spectacular.Haha! Two days before snow and rain came into the forecast. We were offered the option of changing days but that wasn't available to us so we stayed with the original plan.Beth and Jonathan took us out on a cold, wet miserable day. Both my friend and I were dialing in new tweaks to our bikes and these conditions made us think carefully about our choices.As we made our way down the LPS we saw the drops and chunder Moabis famous for. After a short period we separated and one of us went with Jonathan while the other went with Beth.We both learned so much from the experience and are more capable and confident riders now. If you want to learn more about what Moab has to offer and dial in your skills...seek out Momentum - they'll have you covered.
This experience was amazing! I have been mountain biking but never had a formal lesson. Beth and Sylvi rocked it. Not only was the day super enjoyable I am a much more confident rider now. We worked on specific elements (small drops, right turns, technical rocky climbs, and braking skills) at my request. Don’t delay, book them!
I’ve had the good fortune of doing three clinics with Momentum Mountain Biking and I can honestly say it has completely changed my riding. Having raced mountain bikes in the Sydney Olympics, won the World Championships and the World Cup Overall, I considered myself a pretty good rider. But after my time with MMB, I now ride things like a downhiller; faster, more aggressive, and smoother than I ever did even at the height of my racing career. They have a great teaching style, are easy to understand, and offer encouragement and positive feedback that brings you to a new level of technical riding. I can’t wait to do it again!
Reid surprised us. We didn’t expect all of the tips and tricks. He was knowledgeable about the area and professional throughout. I would definitely schedule a ride with him in the future.
We are East Coast city dwellers on vacation, and my partner learned to ride a bike (any bike) just a few years ago. So, needless to say, we are complete newbies to Mountain Biking. An old friend who does lots of Mountain Biking in the West recommended Moab Mountain Bike Instruction as a place that would be patient, provide technically excellent teaching, and wouldn't judge or scoff at our inexperience. That recommendation was dead on. Our instructor had the patience of a saint and quickly re-calibrated the lesson as she identified fundamental skills that needed to be addressed.
Julie was amazing! I learned so much and she taught me things I thought would be impossible for me to do. I feel so much more confident and can’t wait to try some more difficult trails.
MMBI was a great experience. I learned a lot in the two hours and was able to go out and ride trails that I would have been too intimidated to ride before. I would sign up again and would refer friends to do it too. Thanks for your instruction!
Before coming to Moab, I had done some guided mountain bike tours of places I'd traveled, but felt that even with more days in the saddle, my riding was not improving as quickly as I would like. I came to understand that a mountain bike "guide" is not the same thing as a mountain bike "instructor," and that in order to get better, I needed to work with someone who knows how to teach mountain biking. So I got in touch with Moab Mountain Bike Instruction to set up multiple day lessons, and could not have been more pleased with the experience.Sylvi, my instructor, was one of the best teachers I've ever had, in anything. She was punctual, enthusiastic and extremely dedicated to helping me gain the skills to become a better rider. She planned each of our sessions with care, and was able to improvise, pushing me slightly out of my comfort zone, or pulling back when I was tired or lacked confidence. I can't recommend her or Moab Mountain Bike Instruction more highly.
My group of four friends booked two days of instruction with Moab Mountain Bike Instruction and it was incredible. Our instructor, Beth, was awesome. Drills, feedback (including video and photo), and practice at the BMX track in the morning and then trail rides in the afternoon. I learned so much and and had a blast doing it. Would 100% recommend this company to anyone looking for a group lesson in Moab. Can't wait to come back next year for more!
I highly recommend doing mountain bike instruction with MMBI when you're in Moab no matter what level you are. I feel like I transformed the way I rode in just 4 hours. I feel so much more confident and now I am excited to go out and ride with my husband and his friends.
We had a TREMENDOUS experience coordinating a half-day instruction while we were in Moab on vacation. Sylvi was great in understanding both of our riders and tailoring a day suited to our abilities and desires. Jeff was an absolutely amazing instructor and really improved our abilities and confidence. We would definitely recommend Moab Mountain Bike Instruction!
Fantastic mountain bike lesson from Moab Mountain Bike Instruction (Julie was our coach). From the outset, Silvi was great in setting up the lesson. The questionnaire was one of the best at assessing our background and needs (we've had coaching from two other companies in other towns recently). And Julie was the best in coaching instruction. My wife and I had disparate needs. Julie focused on my wife as we'd requested and her down-to-earth manner, knowledge, and choice of trail perfectly fit my wife's needs, even as I learned a lot too. Great experience and highly recommend.
I had a lesson with Julie Cornelius and she's the BEST!! I've always wanted to try mountain biking but have been too intimidated. She took the time to teach me the basics, get me on the trail, encourage me and made it super fun. I had an absolute BLAST! I'd highly recommend MMTI and Julie:)
We paid for a semi-private lesson with Julie, who showed up at the training park spot on time. We worked on a variety of fundamental concepts and skills—body position, vision, bike-body separation, climbing, wheel lifts, cornering and descending. We spent three hrs together.Julie obviously really enjoys teaching MTB skills and she has a wonderful teaching style. Highly, highly recommended.
I was passing through Moab on a road trip and really wanted to mountain bike in the area but was not sure of where to go or if my skills were up for it. I was also interested in working on my technical skills and had never had any instruction before. A local bike shop recommended Moab Mountain Bike Instruction and it was exactly what I was looking for. I spent 4 hours working one on one with Sylvie. She tailored the session to what I needed and was able to help me take my confidence and skills to a new level. By the time we were done, I was riding the hardest, most technical singletrack I have ever done. I'm looking forward to taking on the harder trails back home that I have been avoiding until now. Fantastic experience!
Scott was nothing short of exceptional! Skilled, experienced and with superior communication skills. I learned a tremendous amount while he led me on Slickrock - a technically challenging trail. I’ll book Scott or another representative from MMBI in a heart beat when I return to Moab!
Fantastic Instruction!! I'm a novice mountain biker. Sylvi paired me up with Johanna for a 4 hour session. Given my novice level skills she recommended we meet at the bike park in Moab. That worked out perfectly as Johanna was able to give me great introductory information on body position, weight distribution, gearing, brakes and even bike setup. From there she helped me get more comfortable flowing through bumps and hills. Finally we spent a couple hours in the back learning how to handle dropoffs, balancing the bike, getting the front wheel up over obstacles and general bike handling skills. It was 4 hours that went by faster than I thought possible but I learned a bunch. I then went out and rode some novice trails and was able to use this newfound knowledge and do some things I'd not have been able to pull off as quickly without the excellent instruction from Johanna. I'll be back in the area a lot and I plan on visiting Moab Mountain Bike Instruction many more times. Great team, great instruction, good times!!
I really enjoyed a 1.5 hr shared lesson in Moab in October. There were three of us and we each felt like we got a private lesson. Sylvi took me to the terrain park and I learned how to safely descend obstacles that would have previously freaked me right out. She knows her way down some of the strangest and gnarliest terrain. Soon I was following without even knowing it. Super wonderful, hope you all sign up and take a lesson. G
Excellently organized, and terrific instruction. We booked a 4hrs private, but the four of us were learning so much, and haing such a good time, we extended. Worth every penny, and more...
Great experience with our instructor Julie. She was patient and explained what we would be doing as well as the reasoning behind the instruction. She was patient with questions and gave detailed answers. She took us to excellent skill appropriate trails for us to practice on and have fun riding. I would not hesitate to recommend Moab Mountain Bike Instruction.
This was a wonderful experience. Sylvi did a great job of assessing our needs and addressing all issues. She had Jeff join her as a coach in training for our lession. He was knowlegable and very supportive. Together they evaluated our skill set and presented information in a supportive and fun context. Following our lession we felt much more comfortable on our rides in Moab and we highly recommend Moab Moutain Bike Instruction!
A most excellent adventure with Corie. Four days of private instruction to work on my technical skills, that was the goal. My favorite aspect was the instructor providing a great balance of fun, beautiful scenery mixed with teaching proper technique and skills. I would definitely do a repeat. Now I gotta go practice 🙂
Ashley was a wonderful instructor. Her explanations and demonstrations were easily applied to the trail. She was also encouraging and built confidence. I would highly recommend this outfit for mountain bike instruction.
We felt that Reed and Beth did a great job. The skills sessions really helped to take our riding to the next level. Reed and Beth could really break down the skills and have us demonstrate them while they watched and critiqued. Just the basic neutral and ready position made such a difference. I was able to go over, climb and go down parts of the trails that I definitely would have walked before. If we had trouble with certain obstacles, Beth would work with us on sessioning those areas so that we could ride that portion. That feeling of confidence and control has helped so much and made mountain biking even more enjoyable. Thank you all so much for your help and patience. We can’t wait to get out on the trail and practice our new skills.
My brother and I took a 4 hour lesson the first day of our week long MTB trip to Moab. It was well worth the time and money. There's always something you can improve on your riding, and having an instructor help you is the best way to improve. Our instructor gave us multiple improvements that we were able to use all week and will make us better riders in general.
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Why Choose Momentum?


Our instructors are nationally certified through Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) and Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP.)


Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves regarding the service we offer our clients (from beginner to expert) and the benefits they receive.


All private lessons are geared towards YOU, the participant. From time and date, to pre-lesson assessment, to detection and correction training.


We love to teach mountain biking because we thoroughly love to mountain bike. Period. We want to ride with you.


Private and group mountain bike lessons in Moab since 2009. Helping thousands of stoked riders have more fun, one big rock roll at a time. 


 come share the momentum with us.

➡️ Body Position for Climbing

Do you stay balanced on the climbs? Do you ever feel your front wheel want to come up? Do you lose traction on a climb?

💫 We love working on climbing technique and body position, which are both key on technical and non technical climbs alike.

🌟Fruita Fun🌟

🏜It's still desert season!

Come visit us to get your summer of mountain biking started.
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We sure love the mountain bike community!

Who else thinks the people are the best part of the sport?
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Saturday Success!

Here is a recent student who took a lesson and worked on body position, how to load the suspension and also cornering!

Here the student demonstrates a ready body position that is centered and low to take on this technical obstacle.
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On this #WomensWednesday, we want to talk about our favorite female focused apparel brand- @shredly!

We love that they have clothing that fits well, is functional (pockets anyone?!) and is also stylish!

Ask any of our female coaches about their favorite styles and prints at your next lesson.
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We will give a virtual high five to the first person who can name the trail this feature is on!
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Finding flow for your Friday!
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🌟 Happy #MTBmonday!

🌸 Have you visited Moab this spring? We are having some spectacular weather and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom.

Come visit us and we would love to help get your skills honed before a summer of riding.
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🌟 Happy Friday!

Here is a video of some cornering practice during a recent lesson.

🚵‍♀️ A lot of practice starts in the parking lot or bike park before we take it to the trails.
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